Our top camping essentials

Camping can be great fun, but if you forget something essential, it can make it a rather uncomfortable experience! With the right planning and correct equipment, your next camping trip can make some lifelong memories!

The most essential item for camping is… shelter! Make sure you allow for everyone to have their sleeping space, and room for all your gear to be packed inside in case it rains. Are you on a trek with minimal gear? Try a 2 or 3 person tent, small to pack, light to carry and will help you fit the essentials.
Family holiday or more tuned to the ‘glamping’ style? Try a 4 or 6 person tent, plenty of room for sleeping and all the accessories. Plus, maybe even get the kids their own tent for extra fun! See our full range of tents and shelters here Campmaster Tents and Shelters

Gas Cooker
Whether you’re a seasoned camp chef or a basic baked beans type, a gas cooker is an essential item. There a few different types of gas cookers available – butane and LPG are the two different types of gas. Butane cartridges based cookers are portable, convenient and great for all types of campers or hikers. Backpackers stoves are made for trekkers getting back to basics – they pack small and are perfect for one-pot meals. Single and double burners are made for campsite campers, easy to keep clean and pack small for convenience yet can make some of the best camping meals around. LPG Stoves connect to a LPG bottle (big or small) and a great for Caravans and larger campsites. See our full range of gas and appliances here Campmaster Gas and Appliances

Obviously what should be packed after your Gas Cooker – is your Cookware! Cast iron is great for stews and curries on the campfire providing long lasting heat and that traditional camping taste. Frypans and cooking plates are great for your single and double LPG or butane cookers – fry steak, stir-frys, kebabs and breakfast on them! You can’t have breakfast without tea or coffee, so take along a billycan or whistling kettle to get the coffee going in the morning. Plates and cutlery need to be heavy duty and withstand camping bumps and knocks – stainless steel plates and bowls will be part of your set for many years to come. See our full range of cookware here Campmaster Cookware

The campsite can get pretty dark as soon as the sun sets – headlamps frees your hands to continue the game of Gin Rummy, or heat up the billy for the final cuppa under the stars. Torches are great for middle of the night trips to the loo and lanterns are best for the table or inside the tent to give you full light required. See our full range of lighting here Campmaster Lighting

You can never have enough tent pegs, they’re like socks in the washing machine – always going missing! Mallets make setting up your tent much less painful then using your foot or hand, and a first aid kit is a must-have for any camping trip. Check out full range of camping accessories here Campmaster Accessories 

You never know when your tent might decide to spring a leak – make sure you’re not at risk for your next trip. The Campmaster water proofing spray is recommended for lightweight canvas, nylon and other fabrics such as awnings, backpacks, tents, jackets, footwear and sporting clothing and equipment. But find what is best for you here Campmaster Waterproofing

Caravan campers, people that do not like to share bathrooms, or even boaties – the Campmaster portable toilet is for you! Don’t forget your sanitiser for both top and bottom tanks, and you have your own private haven. The Campmaster sanitiser range is suitable for all types of chemicals toilets that may already be built in to your Caravan or boat. Check them out here Campmaster Chemical Toilets

Before you leave
Make sure to test all your gear before you leave – it’s better to identify early any problems or missing gear you may have before you get to your campsite! Read up on where you are going, ensure you understand the facilities of your campsite and especially what type of water is available. Check the weather so you don’t get caught floating downstream, and always make sure you first aid kit is handy. Rope and duct tape can fix any issues that may arise, and a set of matches or lighter may one day help save you if found in a difficult situation. But most of all, enjoy! Watch the stars, sit around the table and enjoy each others time with no distractions!

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